Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 11

sus top 10 countdown 11 playlist

01-Marc Johnce-The Greatest Fake
(Hockey vs Annie)

02-The Homogenic Chaos-
Standing In The Ambulance Of Fire
(Simian Mobile Disco vs Kings Of Leon vs
The Gossip vs Chemical Brothers vs Santogold)

03-DJ Le CLown-Billie Bootie Lazer
(Major Lazer vs Michael Jackson)

04-Funk That Shit Productions-Hey Ya Fly Away
(Lenny Kravitz vs Outkast)

05-G4gorilla-Maneater In The House
(Steve Aoki vs Nelly Furtado)

06-Benga-Electro Scratch (Mr Wyse remix)

07-mARKYbOY-Like A Supernova
(Madonna vs Mr.Hudson)

08-Heaven 17-This Is Mine (DreamTime Mix)

09-G3RSt-I Got New York
(Black Eyed Peas vs Frank Sinatra)

10-Rillen Rudi-Music Monks At The Top
(EZ Rollers vs Seeed)

bonus 1-Colatron-Rentakiller
(Michael Jackson vs Rusko vs Leona Lewis)

bonus 2-Chocomang-Beat The Ace Of Spades
(Michael Jackson vs Motorhead)

bonus 3-RoaxJ-Shake & Beat It Up
(The Ian Carey Project vs Micheal Jackson)

bonus 4-DJ Useo-Smack My Animals Up (Nickelback vs Prodigy)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 10

SUS TOP 10 Countdown 10

(I've been recording these live.
So far there's been no mistakes.
This time I had company in the room,
& I got distracted at one point.
Can you spot the mistake? lol!)

01-DJ Clive$ter-Too Much Cocaine
(Utah Saints vs Oasis vs
Eric Clapton vs The Avalanches vs Genesis)

02-Stevie V-Dirty Cash (Mr Wyse re-edit)

03-DJ Useo-Nothing Too Mash
(The Fireman vs Audialize)

04-Dan Mei-Wonder Halo (Beyonce vs Oasis)

05-Winkar Lopez-Sexy Bitch (TV Rock vs Akon)

06-DJ MashUp-Transformers 2 Mashup
(Linkin Park vs Chris Brown vs
Lil Wayne vs Swiss Beatz)

07-DJ Le CLown-Love Europe!
(PiL vs Arno vs Laam)

08-DJ Spider-Outside Work
(The Saturdays vs. George Michael)

09-G3rst-Brazen Am See
(Skunk Anansie vs Peter Fox)

10-Marc Johnce-Three Lonely Paparazzi
(Britney Spears vs Lady Gaga vs
Freemasons ft. Julie Thompson)

Non-SUS Bonus tracks-

a.Pheugoo-Hurt Wit Chu
(Johnny Cash vs Queens Of The Stone Age)

b.DJ Lobsterdust-CalabriHorse Tonite
(Enur vs. Laid Back vs. INXS)

(Beatles vs U2)

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 9

01-DJ Spider-Free Lola
(Shapeshifter vs. Agnes)

02-Dan Mei-Red Hot Delight And Angers
(In Flames Vs Red Hot Chili Peppers)

03-Guv'Nor-Beatie Beats
(Chemical Brothers vs Beastie Boys)

04-Clivester-Anthonios Space
(Annie vs Robbie Williams)

05-Roaxx J-Bon Jovi ft Lily Allen
ft Was (Not Was) vs Agnes

06-mARKYbOY-Stop!In the Name of Heartache
(Bonnie Tyler vs Supremes)

07-G3RSt-Ring My Bitch Up!
(Prodigy vs Anita Ward vs Salt n Pepa)

08-Marc Johnce-Get The Love Game Started
(Tonka ft. Lara Mc Allen vs Pink vs Lady Gaga)

09-The Reborn Identity-It Only Takes a Stepping Stone
(Take That vs Duffy vs Pet Shop Boys
vs Madonna ft Justin Timberlake)

10-Eddie Pedalo - 5bit Beethoven (Walter Murphy vs Busty Times)


Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 8

01-The Homogenic Chaos-
Boy!You Know The Love On My Mind
(Freemasons vs Alanis Morrisette vs Beyonce
vs David Guetta vs Everlast)
02-DJ Spider-Outside Work
(The Saturdays vs George Michael)
03-Fidget Freeman-Mad Freak Run
(Jackinori vs Scott Cooper)
04-DJ Useo-Planet Perfectorbital
(Orbital vs Planet Perfecto)
05-Mr Wyse-Seville and Jazzy J -
Back For The Payback (Mr Wyse dub)
06-Autonomous Communist Republic of Zen-
Push The Shadows On
(Nightcrawlers vs The Rasmus)
07-Marc Johnce-Waiting For Bulletproof
At First Sight
(Kylie Minogue vs La Roux vs Gwen Stefani)
08-DJ Fac-Get I.O.U. Home
(Shwayze vs Freeez)
09-Roaxj-Chuckie vs John Legend music
10-10-Eamezey -God Put a Supernova ...
(Mr Hudson vs Mark Ronson)


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 7

01-Fidget Freeman-Lick It Street Lady
(Fingers vs Martha Walsh vs Gramaphonedzie)
02-DAN MEI-Get This Celebration Started (Madonna Vs Pink)
03-Colatron-Don't Upset Timbaland
(Noisettes vs Timbaland vs Timbaland)
04-DJ Le Clown-Middle of the line
(Gainsbourg vs The Dodoz)
05-DJ Spider-Paparazzi Girls On Film
(Lady Ga Ga vs Duran Duran)
06-Roaxj-Beggin' Madcon (Madcon vs Pitbull)
07-Winkar Lopez-America Sings
(N.K.O.T.B vs Justin Timberlake)
08-Autonomous Communist Republic of Zen-
Would I Lie For The Free World To Change
(Charles And Eddie vs John Mayer vs Mya)
09-Maajkeltje-World On The Run
(Morcheeba vs Lenny Kravitz)
10-G3RSt-El Zopilote Move It
(Reel2Real versus DeVotchKa)

bonus1-DJ MashUP-VMA Motherf*ckin' Remix
(Taylor Swift vs Kanye West f/Terror Squad)

bonus2-DJ Useo-Mix For *FM


Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 6

01-Marc Johnce-Two Fair Weeks
(Grizzly Bear vs Lily Allen)
02-mARKYbOY-Nobody Does It Better
Than the First (Carly Simon vs Gladys Knight)
03-RoaxJ-C&C Music factory vs The Trammps
04-Tizwarz-Bad Echo (Bloodhound Gang vs Gorilla Zoe)
05-The Homogenic Chaos-Somebody Told Me Paparazzi Clocks
(Killers vs Lady Gaga vs Coldplay)
06-Fidget Freeman-This Time Shout
(Tears For Fears vs DJ Shadow)
07-DJ Useo-Joan Of Oak (OMD vs MASH)
08-Autonomous Communist Republic of Zen-
Creep Back Time (Aqua vs TLC)
09-Obscuresounds-Lovers Hangover
(Diana Ross vs Breakbot & Data)
10-Funkadelic-Music For My Mother
(DreamTime Mix)

bonus1-Funkadelic-'90 Flavour - Mixed By MXR


Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 5

01-Marc Johnce-Troublemaker Kills You
(The Black Ghosts vs Weezer)
02-DJ Le Clown-The People
(Empire Of The Sun vs John Lennon)
03-DJ Useo-Stoned In Sex
(Chicane w/ Tom Jones vs DJ Sparthakus)
04-Davie Dekka-Unfair Situation
(Lily Allen vs Yaz)
05-DJ Clive$ter-Say Yes And Fly Away
(Wax Tailor vs. Goldfrapp)
06-Winkar Lopez-Speed Down
(Coldplay vs All Stars vs Funk)
07-Ace Of Clubs-Party In The USA
(HDC Loves Tommie Sunshine's Britney Mix)
(Miley Cyrus f/ Jay-Z & Rihanna,
Britney Spears and Michael Jackson)
08-Dan Mei-Rebel Melody
(Swingfly Vs Billy Idol)
09-MaxwellJump-I'm Your Boogie Criminal
(Fun Lovin' Criminals vs KC &
The Sunshine Band vs Snoop Dogg)
10-G3RSt-Hawaii Off Your Shoulder
(Jay-Z vs Kitty, Daisy & Lewis)
bonus1-DJ MXR-FGTH Megamix
bonus2-The Human League-The Things That
Dreams Are Made Of (DreamTime Mix)


Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 4

01-Marc Johnce-High Ball Girls On Film
(Deep Purple Vs. Duran Duran)
02-Bobby Martini-Get Lucky and Complicated
- Klass Vaki Remix (Dragonette vs Avril Lavigne)
03-DJ Spider-Your Children Are Free
(Robert Miles vs. Ultra Nate)
04-DJ Useo-Len vs The Who
05-G3RSt-End Of The Block
(Just Jack vs Spineshank)
06-Colatron-Hotel F.E.A.R.
(Ian Brown vs. The Eagles)
07-Autonomous Communist Republic of Zen-
Any Man of Café Del Mar (Energy 52 vs Shania Twain)
08-Emma Lee-Until we meet again
(AntonWax 1-2-3 Remix)
09-mARKYbOY-Diamonds Are For Amy
(Amy Winehouse vs Shirley Bassey)
10-Air-Sexy Boy (DreamTime Mix)
Bonus-Simon Iddol-I'm With The Beach


Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 3

01-Dan Mei – Land Of Precious
(Depeche Mode vs Genesis)
02-Tizwarz – Chasing Girls
(Snow Patrol vs Nu Jerzey Devil & Lil Wayne
vs Lloyd Banks & Keri Hilson)
03-RebornIdentity – Stevie’s Supernova
(Stevie Wonder vs Mr Hudson ft Kanye West)
04-Autonomous Communist Republic of Zen –
Star To Fall 1979
(Cabin Crew vs Smashing Pumpkins)
05-OTG – We All Wanna Be Prince (Oscar TG Remix)
06-MaxwellJump – Rock Star Pose
(Daddy Yankee vs AC/DC vs R Kelly,
Kid Rock, Ludacris vs Gucci Mane)
07-Eddie Pedalo – Double A
08-CjR Mix – We don’t have to F**k You
(Jermaine Stewart vs Lily Allen)
09-The Homogenic Chaos – Jah Bird In The City
(Gentleman vs Emiliana Torrini
vs Teddybears vs. Hans Zimmer)
10-G3rst – Bad to the Bone
(George Thorogood vs The Upsetters)
bonus1-Eamezey-If Everyone Tranced
(Nickelback vs Basshunter vs David Guetta)
bonus2-DJ Useo-All You Ever Think About Is Sexy Boy
(Sparks vs Air)


Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 2

01-Dan Mei-Divide It Right
(Linkin Park Vs Nelly Furtado)
02-Fidget Freeman-When You Jack N Skrew,d Me
(J.Kennedy vs Freemasons vs Fidget Freeman)
03-Tizwarz-Back Sober
(Pink vs Fat Joe)
04-Marc Johnce-Say It Cruel
(Booty Love vs Ace Of Base)
05-Winkar Lopez-Show Me Street's Love
(Chicago vs Robin S.)
06-mARKYbOY-More Tea Vicar
(Reverend & the Makers vs Pink)
07-DJ Fac-You Got Another Bang Comin'
(Brevi vs Judas Priest)
08-Talk Talk-Living In Another World
(DreamTime Mix)
09-ColaTron-Home Baked Pie
(Warrent vs The Enemy)
10-DJ MXR-Drop It All The Way
(Ricky Martin & Daddy Yankee vs Sly Fox


Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 1

01-Colatron – A Happy Heavenly Day
(Orbital vs Halcyon vs
Belinda Carlisle vs Opus III)
02-Reborn Identity – Spirit World
(Radiohead vs Morcheeba ft Manda
vs Digitalism vs Eliza Lumley)
03-DJ Mashup – Chris Brown Should Get
His Ass Kicked Forever
(The Jump Smokers vs Chris Brown)
04-Dan Mei – Heartbreak Diana
(Freemasons Vs Michael Jackson Vs Madonna)
05-DJ MXR – What Time Is Electric
(Passi vs The KLF)
06-G3rst -We Will Rock On
(Aerosmith vs Queen vs Eminem)
07-OTG – Smooth Criminal
(Oscar TG’s Villainous Vocal) – Michael Jackson
08-Mr Wyse – The Poke (Mr Wyse edit)
– Adonis and the Endless Poker
09-Dreamtime -Dirty Diana (DreamTime Mix)
– Michael Jackson
10-Obscuresounds – Not Nice To See You
(Aquarian Age vs Tomorrow vs Twink)