Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 4

01-Marc Johnce-High Ball Girls On Film
(Deep Purple Vs. Duran Duran)
02-Bobby Martini-Get Lucky and Complicated
- Klass Vaki Remix (Dragonette vs Avril Lavigne)
03-DJ Spider-Your Children Are Free
(Robert Miles vs. Ultra Nate)
04-DJ Useo-Len vs The Who
05-G3RSt-End Of The Block
(Just Jack vs Spineshank)
06-Colatron-Hotel F.E.A.R.
(Ian Brown vs. The Eagles)
07-Autonomous Communist Republic of Zen-
Any Man of Café Del Mar (Energy 52 vs Shania Twain)
08-Emma Lee-Until we meet again
(AntonWax 1-2-3 Remix)
09-mARKYbOY-Diamonds Are For Amy
(Amy Winehouse vs Shirley Bassey)
10-Air-Sexy Boy (DreamTime Mix)
Bonus-Simon Iddol-I'm With The Beach


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