Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Best Of Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 2

Time to celebrate the tracks that made number one
in the SUS Countdown.
All newly levelled & mastered by DJ Useo.

The Best Of Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 2


01-Mr Wyse-Minimal Horse (Laidback vs Skream)

02-Bonus Mosh™-F*cKed From Below 1989 (asst)

03-Dan Mei & Marc Johnce-Smooth Romance
(Santana f/ Rob Thomas vs Lady Gaga
vs Van Halen)

04-VDJ-Odd Russian Fever
(David Bowie vs Rihanna vs Fever Ray)

05-DJ Useo-Poker Break
(Lady Gaga vs The Raveonettes)

06-S.I.R.-In My Head (And In My Arms)
(Jason DerĂ¼lo vs Kylie Minogue)

07-DJ Morgoth-Stylo It's No Good
(Gorillaz vs Depeche Mode)

08-Audio Lynch-Heartache Joy Don't Go
(Extended Edit)
(Freemasons f/ Sylvia Mason-James vs Yazoo
vs Livin Joy vs Double You vs Fatboy Slim)

09-POMATIC Mash Hitz-One More Alejandro
(Lady Gaga vs Daft Punk)

10-Fatboy Slim-Weapon Of Choice
(Rhythm Scholar Groove-A-Thon Remix)

11-LeeDM101-You Dont Know The Reason
(The Editors vs Eric Prydz vs
Oasis vs Depeche Mode)

12-rillen rudi-Black Fat Lips
(Sum 41 vs AC/DC)

13-G3RSt-Tear Dog
(Massive Attack vs Kasabian)

14-mARKYbOY-We Are People Fly Us!
(Goldfrapp vs Empire of the Sun)

Complete file here-
Link 1
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Individual tracks available
from the Mixers' sites.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 24

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 24
Hosted By DJ Konrad Useo


10-S.I.R.-Wenn das Liebe ist (In the End ...)
(Piano Version)(Glashaus vs Linkin Park)
09-Dj MashUP-Over x2
(Florence & The Machine vs Drake)
08-G3RSt-Don't Bring Me Romance
(ELO vs Lady Gaga)
07-Tweylo-Extreme Times
(Moby vs G-Unit vs Chic vs Fatboy Slim)
06-DJ Spider-Just the Way You Are
In the Year of the Cat
(Al Stewart vs Bruno Mars)
05-dj MXR-Oh Les Spacer Copains Sheila
(Rftw vs Sheila)
04-ThC-Stripped Love-Life
(Depeche Mode vs Rihanna vs Evanescence
vs Massive Attack vs Metric)
03-mARKYbOY - Shiny Glamorous Guns
(Fergie vs )
02-Dan Mei & Marc Johnce-Whip Your Hands
Outta My Dream Hell Bottle
(Avril Lavigne vs The Ting Tings vs
Kylie Minogue vs Katy Perry vs
Willow vs The Police)
01-LeeDM101-You Don't Know The Reason
(The Editors vs Eric Prydz)

Bonus 1-Matt Bland-Say Wosch (Dr Dre & Snoop Dogg vs The Meters)
Bonus 2-g4gorilla-Smells Like Green Onions (Nirvana vs Booker T And MG's)
Bonus 3-Colatron-In Munich We Will Live Forever