Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Sound-Unsound Top 10 Countdown 10

SUS TOP 10 Countdown 10

(I've been recording these live.
So far there's been no mistakes.
This time I had company in the room,
& I got distracted at one point.
Can you spot the mistake? lol!)

01-DJ Clive$ter-Too Much Cocaine
(Utah Saints vs Oasis vs
Eric Clapton vs The Avalanches vs Genesis)

02-Stevie V-Dirty Cash (Mr Wyse re-edit)

03-DJ Useo-Nothing Too Mash
(The Fireman vs Audialize)

04-Dan Mei-Wonder Halo (Beyonce vs Oasis)

05-Winkar Lopez-Sexy Bitch (TV Rock vs Akon)

06-DJ MashUp-Transformers 2 Mashup
(Linkin Park vs Chris Brown vs
Lil Wayne vs Swiss Beatz)

07-DJ Le CLown-Love Europe!
(PiL vs Arno vs Laam)

08-DJ Spider-Outside Work
(The Saturdays vs. George Michael)

09-G3rst-Brazen Am See
(Skunk Anansie vs Peter Fox)

10-Marc Johnce-Three Lonely Paparazzi
(Britney Spears vs Lady Gaga vs
Freemasons ft. Julie Thompson)

Non-SUS Bonus tracks-

a.Pheugoo-Hurt Wit Chu
(Johnny Cash vs Queens Of The Stone Age)

b.DJ Lobsterdust-CalabriHorse Tonite
(Enur vs. Laid Back vs. INXS)

(Beatles vs U2)

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